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The Bambi Effect

Linda Soller | Jul 25, 2022

When you live in a “wanna be” nature preserve as I do you should not grow attached to certain destructive critters. The problem is that most of the critters can be destructive in one way or another. I readily admit to disregarding the rule when it comes to chipmunks. I mean really, they are too cute!!! But I also admit that when it comes to deer, we look out our window and say, aw nice, just before we run screaming into the yard to chase them out of our garden. Not to worry, the chasing is for our benefit. The deer return shortly once they recognize the crazy people who were yelling at them are basically harmless.  This brings me to my recent nature encounter.


I was leaving the house one morning and just before I opened the front-door I spied a Bambi. Bambi is what we call all the young still spotted deer we see in our neighborhood. The difference this time was there didn’t appear to be a mom or siblings. I grabbed my cell phone to take a picture. Admit it you would have done the same. I quietly went out the front door and the Bambi scampered a few feet to “hide” in the brush. I could still see him. Next, I did what anyone would do and took another picture.  What I did not do was run screaming at him to chase him away. I was overcome by the Bambi effect. This little creature, which would surely grow into a big creature with an enormous appetite for expensive plants, was an orphan. My natural reaction was to protect him. So, I tiptoed to my car and drove away.  About an hour later I returned to find the Bambi laying in the bush where I left him. As I approached the front door, he watched me but didn’t move. Perhaps I had gained a bit of his trust. He returns to that spot regularly.


I tell you this story because sometimes I am amazed at what we will do for critters that we can’t seem to do for humans in need and alone. Next time you spot such a person I hope the Bambi effect will strike you!


Be the love in the world  :o)