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Tired of Resting

Linda Soller | Jul 11, 2022

A few weeks back I was “under the weather”. You know, one of those times when you feel lousy, but you aren’t deathly ill, and your over-the-counter meds work pretty well until they don’t which is usually in the  middle of the night.  My approach to dealing with such things is to stop and drop. Unfortunately, the stop and drop resting plan is pretty open ended. You can’t assume if you rest for a day or two that all will be well. And there will be some things you simply need to do which disrupts your resting time. Tuesday rolled into Wednesday, then Thursday, then on Friday I relented and had a “virtual doctor appointment”. As we talked screen to screen the doctor felt another day or two would be worth the wait. He assured me if I didn’t feel better by Saturday night then it would be okay to try a prescription on Sunday. I was more than a little frustrated. I had reached the conclusion that even though lounge worthy clothing is very comfy this extended rest was highly overrated. I was tired of resting. 


My solution was to come up with a project. The project took the form of grocery store comparisons. Prior to the pandemic I had two grocery stores which I visited weekly. During the pandemic when I could not find something I needed at either I often found the item at the store I had frequented years before. Could it be that I needed to change stores? Could going back be my path forward? The first step, no surprise to those who know me, was to make a list. Three lists actually, each showing what items I purchased where. The next week I went shopping at the former store to check prices and supplies of my routine purchases. Upon returning to my home, it became clear to me that I would need to stay with my two current stores and continue to visit the third only as needed. 


The project had been demanding enough to get me off the couch and away from the TV without being exhausting. Had I done something strenuous I would have had to rest. And as I said before, I was tired of resting. 


Be the love in the world  :o) 


Dedicated to the Drop-In Class – they love a good Wegman’s story!

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