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The Sorrow Connection

Linda Soller | Jun 20, 2022

It’s one thing to feel sad. Take sad to the next level and you have sorrow. No one wishes for it, and no one enjoys it, yet I see a gift in the sorrow connection. Our church has recently lost two lovely ladies. Both long time members, with welcoming smiles, and caring hearts. Both were reliable, supportive, and funny. Each had come through difficult health issues with grace and fortitude. Their enduring faith was a model for others. They appeared to be so resilient and then in what felt like an instant they were gone. 


On the Sunday after the second loss the sorrow in the church was palpable. There was no sobbing or moaning, it was more like a heart crushing silence. During that silence it crossed my mind that neither of our lost friends would have wanted to see us so sad, and neither would have guessed that there might be a gift in our sadness. Despite our loss we were there in the church together supporting each other. Our grief was unifying. It knew no age or race or social status. Our grief was in recognition of our great loss, it was totally selfish and selfless at the same time. Once again, these two women had shown us the healing power of faith. It was not surprising at all that we felt God’s comfort that Sunday morning. 


Each time we lose a loved one we are tempted to ask why. It’s a question without a good clear answer, except that eventually we will all move on, and the timing is out of our hands. This very human experience will take us through the shock, sadness, sorrow steps each time until we reach the hope. The hope of God’s promise. The sorrow connects us. The hope we have through our faith moves us forward. Our sorrow connection is a powerful and wonderful gift.


In loving memory of Sheila and Virginia. We miss your wonderful smiles and loving hearts!


Be the love in the world  :o)