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LEGO Lesson #4

Linda Soller | Jun 06, 2022

Our LEGO village was outgrowing its base. We had expanded to a small coffee table and to a card table. This would not have been an issue if we were not experiencing continued growth. The new forest cabin and lake provide great outdoor fun just down the road from our houses, but there isn’t much parking, and one family has a camper van. I almost forgot, the same family has a new sailboat, but the lake has no boat slip. You can see how trouble might arise. There needed to be some changes.


In our modern world there seems to be no limit to the growth people inspire. Houses and cars get bigger. One car per family has become one car per person and that doesn’t include dad’s toy! We go to multiple grocery stores, make our two-lane roads into 10 lane highways, and well you get the picture. It’s easy to complain about traffic, and no parking, and the lack of trees. It seems even easier to forget that the growth is supported by us, the consumers. A developer builds a huge housing complex but neglects to address the traffic and school concerns. A government wants tax dollars before it is willing to invest in the infrastructure to support the growth. It’s a vicious circle. Like communities, people also continue to grow and change. If we do not pay attention to the foundation we provide for our children, they may find themselves drifting about, confused, lonely, and sometimes unable to cope with our challenging world. The skills and values we teach our future generations are the infrastructure that will support mankind.


My husband built a second support table for our LEGO land. It’s the size of a normal door. We picked up some additional roads, and some felt for the grass and sand areas. We have strategically placed the roads to efficiently and safely transport our people from the mountains on one end to the beach at the other. It was the least we could do as the creators of this charming community, it was our responsibility. 


LEGO Lesson #4:  A strong foundation is required to adequately support the natural growth of people and their world, and we must provide it. 


Be the love in the world  :o)