First Baptist Church of Herndon

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3-16-2022 Covid19 Update

Sean Roberds | Mar 16, 2022

During our March Deacons’ meeting we decided it is best to continue the mask requirement at church.  There are two main reasons why we feel the need to continue to require masks.  One reason is that worship with singing and the way we sit makes it easy for a virus to spread. Masks are important in close contact areas.  Another reason is simply that we feel more people will come to in person worship if we keep the mask requirement.  Our people have been careful with the virus and we only have about half of our church back in person.  We want our attendance to go up not down. 

We also agreed to increase our capacity to 60 people in worship.  We feel this number will allow everyone who wants to attend to do so while still leaving enough space to distance.  The deacons and I will revisit our Covid restrictions every month.  Our next meeting will be April 10 and who knows maybe we will have something new to report on Easter.

If you have not be back to in person worship, we will be happy to see you whenever you are ready. 

Stay safe and faithful,

Pastor Sean

681 Elden St. Herndon
VA 20170-4722