Will Spring EVER get here?

Sean Roberds | Mar 26, 2014

 As I sit in my office to write this it is snowing.  I know you know how I feel. It’s snowing again and Spring will never come.  It’s hard to believe that Easter, which I associate with Spring, is ever coming, but it is.  Easter is coming.  We have spent a lot of time the past few Sunday’s looking at the last 24 hours of Jesus.  We are staring right at the cross, literally because it’s in the sanctuary, and living the story of the crucifixion.  In living the story of the cross it’s hard to think about Easter. The cross is so hard, so harsh and so heart breaking.  But I assure you Easter is coming.  Easter is coming and on April 20th we will celebrate the resurrected Christ, the greatest news the world has ever known. “Death has been swallowed up in victory.”  “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”( I Cor. 15:54-55)With all of our talk about the cross and death of Jesus, hearing the story of resurrection will be music to our ears. 

 Sunday, I asked you to write down the name of five friends that you are not sure attend church.  The truth is they don’t have to be friends, they can be family members, neighbors, coworkers, enemies, whoever. You don’t even have to know their names.   I asked you to spend this week praying for them.  I want you to pray for whatever they may need prayer for even if you don’t know. Then I want you to pay attention to the movement of the Holy Spirit.  If the spirit opens the door for you to invite them to church, Easter Sunday would be a great day to invite them to come.  If the spirit invites you to share your faith with this friend then share it.  If the spirit leads you to get to know the person and build a better relationship then work to build a better friendship.  If the spirit leads you to leave them alone then by all means leave them alone.  I believe that if we are attentive and a little bold that the spirit will direct us to those who need to hear the resurrected story of Christ and our church might be surprisingly full Easter morning. 

 I can’t wait for Easter because I truly believe that by then the snow will be gone and spring will have sprung.  More than that, however, Easter is about new life.  New life that is unexpected and unimaginable. If we learn to be attentive to the working of the spirit, I believe we will see new life in our church on Easter morning.      

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