I Have Been Thinking about Planting Mustard

Sean Roberds | Mar 13, 2014

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in his field.” Matthew 13:31-32  Jesus goes on to explain that the mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds yet  produces a large shrub that the birds can build their nest in its branches .  In the kingdom of God small things can have enormous impact.  You know why? Because, God wants it to and because God says so, that’s why.  The kingdom of God comes as the ordinary, the small, the seemingly insignificant and then it balloons into something amazing, something useful and something good.  It all happens because God wants it to. It happens because God is working in ways we can’t even see or imagine.

Do you ever feel your gifts, your talents or your abilities are woefully inadequate compared to all the enormous problems of the world?  Do you ever wonder if the good you do makes any real difference?  Do you ever feel as if you are pushing around seedless soil? Well, sow it any way and keep sowing because God has a way of taking things we feel are completely inadequate and making them into things that are amazingly awesome. Find whatever good you can do and keep doing it.  No matter how small, useless or insignificant it may seem, sow it anyway!     Be kind to the stranger on the street. Give the poor a small gift and smile as you do it. Send a card to let someone know how much you think of them. Help teach the children the Bible. Go hang out with the youth. Go visit the sick.  Don’t be afraid to talk about Jesus at home, at work, at church or anywhere at all; just don’t be rude or arrogant or holier than thou about it.  Keep sowing! Keep doing the little seemingly insignificant work of the kingdom and let God grow the seed into something amazing, something useful and something good. 

Grace and Peace,


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