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More Lessons to Learn
The other day I received my nephew’s high school graduation announcement. On one side was his adorable face at his graduation from pre-school, in cap and gown, holding a diploma. I kid you not!
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 06, 2016

Lessons from a Brief Encounter
The Encounter: An attractive middle aged woman (much younger than me) came up to me in the grocery store and said,
Author: Linda Soller | May 30, 2016

Seeking Answers
This month in our Drop-In Class we have been going through the Top 10 Most Referenced Bible verses. I googled the topic to find the list. I had reasons for looking for such a list.
Author: Linda Soller | May 23, 2016

Continuing on the topic of walking, when people hear I walk the same route each day in my same neighborhood they often ask isn’t it boring. Actually it is far from boring.
Author: Linda Soller | May 16, 2016

With Intention
Whining to my doctor I said, “It seems, just when I was really in a walking routine, going further, and faster each week, I started having these aches and pains. Now I hesitate to go out on my morning walk.”
Author: Linda Soller | May 09, 2016

Something isn't right!
I decided to wear my “walking” tennis shoes home instead of packing them. I dressed in a hurry, and I soon as I put them on I thought, something isn’t right.
Author: Linda Soller | May 02, 2016