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The Right Exit
A friend had arrived late and said, “I missed my exit!” She shook her head and added that with all the road construction, and cars entering the on ramps, she basically drove past her exit.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 18, 2016

Tie-Dye Leggings
You wake up. You reach for your favorite shirt, or in my case my tie-dye leggings. I’ve only had them for a few weeks, but they make me smile.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 11, 2016

The Label You Live
We all have lots of labels. Some are just the facts. I am an adult and I am a parent. Notice I didn’t say an old or young adult.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 04, 2016

The Sounds of Faith
Have you ever stopped to think what faith sounds like? Yes, I meant to say “sounds like”. I am referring to those sounds which make you feel your own faith, help you observe faith in others, or feel the presence of a community of faith.
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 27, 2016

Lessons from living, dying, grieving
We have a support group at FBC for those who are grieving. Like any support group the stories of the individuals are theirs to share, not mine. But our meeting made me consider this topic. Here are three lessons I have learned.
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 20, 2016

Lessons - When no one wins
Over the memorial weekend a child climbed on a zoo enclosure and fell into the Gorilla habitat.
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 13, 2016