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Like most people I have some well-established patterns in my day. My comfort zone. So, on Memorial Day, with nowhere to be, I admit I slept in a bit. This put me taking my morning walk later than usual. Almost immediately I noticed the differences.
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 05, 2017

Building A Memorial
Memorial Day, a day to remember those who fought to establish, preserve, and protect our county and its values. How do you think we’re doing with that?
Author: Linda Soller | May 29, 2017

Retention and Destruction
In the world of regulations there are many rules about how long you must retain documents before you destroy them. We deal with these rules all the time where I work.
Author: Linda Soller | May 22, 2017

What's Your Recipe?
If you like to bake or cook, chances are you have modified or created a recipe along the way. A dash of this, a touch of that, and there you go, a creation all your own.
Author: Linda Soller | May 15, 2017

Can You Put It In A Chart?
I’m sitting at my desk diligently reading up on all the regulations that impact my job, my department, and therefore our company.
Author: Linda Soller | May 08, 2017

Just Remember the Ark
In the Drop-In class, we were discussing how we hear God calling us to act a certain way, or to contribute in some fashion. Usually, we agreed, it’s something relatively small in the grand scheme of things.
Author: Linda Soller | May 01, 2017