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Survive to thrive
This month in our Drop-In class we are looking at fear. It seems to fit the Halloween season. And we have a perfect example from the Bible in the story of Job. We all experience hardships at one time or another and sometimes, when those hardships pile up on us, we can become fearful that we can’t get through the difficult time.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 15, 2018

It's Really a Shame
At church we have been looking at how we should value and protect children. I heard the word shame and frankly I felt like it was one of those words I use but can’t adequately define.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 08, 2018

A Seasonal Thing
Fall arrived with cool air and a steady rain. It seemed appropriate for the first day of autumn to be chilly and grey. I didn’t mind at all, staying indoors, knitting, and drinking hot tea. Just a week before I would have been complaining about the very same weather conditions. It’s must be a seasonal thing.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 01, 2018

Help Others Belong
The trick to helping others find a sense of belonging is to honor who they are, not try to make them conform to who you are. Maybe that seems contradictory to you. “Doesn’t belonging mean people who are the same joining together?”
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 24, 2018

When it rains it pours!
When it rains it pours. I am not talking about the weather, although based on the recent weather in Northern Virginia I could be. I’m talking about when you encounter a challenge or experience a problem it often feels like you get slammed with multiple challenges and problems all at once.
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 17, 2018

Where do I belong?
Last week we talked about the longing to belong. Perhaps the harder step is answering the question, where do I belong? There is no easy answer. Have you heard the statement that you can’t reach the finish line if you never start the race?
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 10, 2018