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When to be Thankful
Sometimes with all that is going on in the world around us it can be hard to know when to be thankful. I think that is one reason why I value Thanksgiving Day so much.
Author: Linda Soller | Nov 13, 2017

A Turn to Thankful
Just last week we focused on all things scary. Now here we are, the clocks set back, the mornings a little brighter, and I find my mind takes a turn to thankful! Funny how quickly it can happen.
Author: Linda Soller | Nov 06, 2017

It's Scary Out There
For the last few weeks I’ve chatted about fear and faith, demons, ghosts, and witch-hunts. We’ve been discussing the same topics in our Drop-In classes. Considering everyone is very different, we agreed it can be scary out there. What scares you the most?
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 30, 2017

Your Personal Witch-Hunt
As strange as it seems, I think most people are on a constant witch-hunt. Our motivations may vary, but so often I hear people talk about who is to blame for this or that.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 23, 2017

The Ghosts Behind You
Ginger would be the first to say she got off to a rough start. Her late teens and early twenties were not times she liked to remember. Like ghosts following her around her memories haunted her.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 16, 2017

The Demons Within
I want to believe in demons. I really want to believe there is something evil that enters people and makes them do the horrific things we hear about in the news.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 09, 2017



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