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A New Year’s resolution is hope in action. For many of us we enter the coming year hopeful to reach goals. These goals cover all sorts of everyday desires and aims. Unfortunately, many of us also fail to reach our New Year resolutions.
Author: Linda Soller | Jan 08, 2018

Best New Year Ever
Happy New Year! I have had a challenging two weeks trying to connect two big holidays with the posting of this blog. Christmas and New Years can both be life changing events.
Author: Linda Soller | Jan 01, 2018

The Christmas Decision
A young woman finds herself stranded on the road, out of gas. A homeless man decides right then and there to use his last $20 for gas so she can get home safely. She revisits him with some supplies, and gift cards, and food, but feels it’s not enough.
Author: Linda Soller | Dec 25, 2017

No Time for Indecision
Indecision definition: “The inability to make a decision quickly”. Recently, a member of the Drop-In class shared a list of paraprosdokians with me. What are they you ask?
Author: Linda Soller | Dec 18, 2017

See Something Say Something
Communication definition: “The imparting or exchanging of information or news”. We think we communicate all the time. But too often we are just making noise. Consider for a moment the conversations you had today.
Author: Linda Soller | Dec 11, 2017

Trust Illustrated
Trust definition: “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” I’ve heard it said, and have to agree, that the word hero is overused and therefore watered down. The word trust, not so much. Our trust is challenged daily. Who and what do you trust?
Author: Linda Soller | Dec 04, 2017



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