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You Are Essential

Linda Soller | May 11, 2020

Inspiration is Contagious series installment #2. You truly are essential. Okay, so you may not have a job that the government felt had to continue during our stay at home efforts. But you are essential. Maybe you are glad you didn’t have to go into work, or maybe you are unhappy that you did. But you are essential.

No matter what you read or hear, to your family, friends, and God, you are essential. So how do we feel essential under these trying times? There is no better way than to use your inspired thoughts and ideas to serve others. Here are the ways some others are doing just that.


In London England, a part time teacher lives in an apartment that looks out at a bus stop. So, she recruited people to send artwork by children and she decorated the bus stop shelter area with bright cheerful art.


A Librarian in Texas set up a virtual book club for kids. They discuss the books online and share ideas, totally unrelated to what they are hearing and seeing in the news.


In Harrisonburg, VA a teacher set up luminaries in her front yard for the class of 2020. They were the first class of kindergarten students she taught. Others in the community were encouraged to turn their outside house lights on for a week at 8:20 (2020 military time) for 20 minutes. Seniors could see the support of their community in the lights.


In British Columbia six-year-old Callaghen McLaughlin has a daily Joke Stand (he used to sell lemonade). He says he knows 13 or 14 jokes mostly from the book “Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids” by Rob Elliott. People in the community stop by during the 45 minutes he mans the booth each morning to hear a joke or two. I have provided one of his jokes below. Thanks, Callaghen and/or Rob.


Whether you are six or sixty or in between you are essential to a greater plan. You hold the key that could brighten a day. Your faith is part of the hope we all have for tomorrow. You Are Essential.


Inspiration is contagious – Pass it on!  Share this blog with someone who needs to smile. :o) Linda


Joke #1 – What do you call a Bear without teeth?       A Gummy Bear!