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Here's the Plan

Linda Soller | Sep 23, 2019

I confess I’m a planner. I think I have been all my life, and it seems to be a natural part of my tendency toward organization. I mean, the two go so well together.  In my youth it set me apart, not in a superior way, but in a different from most kids my age way. As a young mother with a traveling husband it served me well, helping me stay on top of the routine so we all got where we needed to be when we needed to be there. Even in my career it’s been helpful because it kept me from missing deadlines and letting work pile up. But planning the small routine things is very different from planning out your life. We’ve all heard the line, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plan. And so, we come to the present.


In recent months I have come to the realizationthat planning is based on a certain amount of control. It’s that control factor that is messing with my plans. Examples: 1.) For some reason my grandchildren don’t always understand the concept of needing a full night’s sleep. But sleeping is my plan, most nights, 2.) It was not my plan to work full time forever, yet most days that’s how it feels things are headed.  You get the point. Sometimes outside influences we can’t control make it hard to plan.  It’s here where our faith can kick in to help us through. 


If you are like me you pray about the good, the bad, and all your plans. I try not to tell God, “this” is my plan, but to ask God if “this” is part of His plan. Sometimes the answer is clearly no. Not my favorite times. When that happens if I listen, truly listen with an open heart, what I actually hear is – “no, but here’s the plan I have for us.” And I can live with that.


Have a great week! :o) Linda