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The Elusive Escape Hatch

Linda Soller | Jul 15, 2019

If only you could find the button, the lever, or the hidden bookcase that exposed the escape hatch. It’s not an uncommon desire to want to escape. You know those times when you feel worn out, over-burdened, and just plain over it. Yes, I am talking about you. Does it seem like no one else is doing their share? Do you think everyone sees you as an endless resource?  You put on a brave act and tell yourself to stay tough, but sometimes it catches up with you.


Before you know it, you are hunting for your elusive escape hatch. The one that lifts the weight without adding the guilt. The one that provides comfort without fueling the gossip. It’s hard. It’s especially hard when you have this feeling about your church life. But because it’s about your church life doesn’t make the feeling wrong, the feeling is human. How you react is what makes the difference.


Now don’t confuse a need for some solitude with isolation. With solitude you desire peace, quiet, and balance. You need space to talk with God and to listen to Him, without outside input. Isolation is to stay apart. Oh, itprovides solitude alright, but it takes away the support, love, and inspiration that you can get from fellow Christians. Maybe you run from a church the minute the demands feel too powerful. That is a solution of sorts, but where do you run to? Are you running from the church or from how God is asking you to serve? Maybe you try solitude and you get really comfortable, so before you know it you are telling yourself you don’t need a formal sort of worship to be faithful. That is just an excuse for isolation. 


God created the church to support and connect believers. Let’s face it there are many shapes, sizes, and denominations to select from. It isn’t a crime to make a change, but don’t let yourself fall through the escape hatch only to find yourself drowning in isolation. God loves you no matter what you do. I think He is joyful when you are happy. Maybe, just maybe, He has the key to your elusive escape hatch.  It’s worth your prayers to find out what that might look like for you.


Have a great week! :o) Linda