Glance Back

Linda Soller | Dec 31, 2018

I think the way I feel is much like a deflated balloon. Not long ago I was full of energy, excitement, and anticipation. As crazy as the holidays can be I bounced and bobbed around getting things done, flitting from here to there and back again. Now that Christmas has come and gone it feels as though the air has left me, and I have sputtered to the ground. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sad or depressed, just tired. Sure, we have the new year coming, and I’m optimistic, but not so bouncy or buoyant. 


I approach this week of transition as a good time to glance back. Glancing back is much different than dwelling in the past. A glance back helps me see where I am on this road of life and what is around me. Remember how much better you felt when you exercised? I think to myself. Did you really put forth your best effort? I challenge myself. What do you wish you had done differently? I ponder. This time of glancing back can help put things in perspective. It’s easy to focus on what went wrong, but important to remember you did so much that was right.


The real beauty about a glance back is just that, it’s a brief reflection. No need to beat yourself up over something, when a do-over is out of the question. No need to worry about what you meant to do, when you have a fresh new year ahead of you. So, do yourself a favor and pause for a quick glance back… that’s long enough! Now turn your eyes, your intentions, and your heart forward. Look to the future you want and move in that direction. Seek God’s wisdom on how to get there, and only glance back to check your progress.


Happy New Year!  :o) Linda



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