The Final Word

Linda Soller | Dec 24, 2018

Ever known a person who just had to have the final word? Even if what they were saying made no sense. I thought maybe you did. Those same people are often the ones who have their minds made up before the conversation even starts. How many times have you heard how selfish, self-centered, spoiled and whining young people are? They talk about each new generation in the work force like it is the doom of business. Imagine them demanding work life balance before they have “paid their dues”! Maybe I’m just noticing more because my children, nieces and nephews, and now grandchildren are in those groups of young people. Funny, but I wouldn’t use any of those words to describe them. 


Sitting at a large intersection with median strips in two of the directions, I casually gazed over at the homeless man who daily stands with his sign in hopes those who sit at the traffic light will give him money. A jeep pulls up to the stop. A young woman jumps out of her vehicle and scurries up to the man and hands him a plastic shopping bag from Target, gives him a smile and a wave, then scurries back to her car. He stands there amazed, looks in the bag and shakes his head in wonder. He walks toward her car waving and touching his heart, as if to say thank you so much.  My light turns green and I find I am not the only one who saw her act of kindness. Some of us beep, wave, give her the thumbs up as she sits smiling in her car, waving back, a bit embarrassed that we noticed. Her act of kindness was selfless, caring, generous and gracious. 


The Bible gives us illustrations of some wonderful words at Christmas. The hope of the world in an innocent baby, the peace of mankind in the songs of angels, and the joy of sharing in the excitement of the shepherds and devotion of the wise men. But leave it to God to have the last word, the most powerful word, the final word. What will be your word this week? What if it were your final word?


LOVE!  :o) Linda


Merry Christmas Everyone!



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