It Only took a blizzard!

Linda Soller | Nov 19, 2018

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? The time flies by faster each year, just as my father always said. But like any young person I didn’t believe him. Now I totally understand what he meant.  If only I had listened. Are you that person who can look back and see tons of missed opportunities? Did you miss them by choice? Some of us do. Sometimes I sit and watch TV and think of all the things I could be doing. Maybe you backed out of taking a trip with your friends, and once you heard them talk about it and saw their pictures you thought, if only I had gotten my act together and gone with them. If this sounds like you, you are not alone.


I know a lady who overthinks things, gets herself upset, then goes to someone else in hopes they can fix her “problems”.  I think, if only she would deal with the issue at the time, or if only she wouldn’t dwell on things until she gets upset. I find I feel sorry for people who create problems where they don’t exist, especially with all the real problems in the world. Another person I know rarely has anything positive to say. I wonder how she might break her habit.  If only she would start small with some happy acknowledgement, maybe it would become her new normal.


Last Sunday we studied the Bible story of the poor widow who gave her last two small coins at the temple. While the bigger contributions of the others were certainly appreciated they were not nearly as sacrificial for the wealthy folks. If only they had understood the true meaning of generosity.


This Thanksgiving, you should focus on being thankful, but I encourage you to take a minute to consider all the “If only” times in your life and make a change. Maybe next Thanksgiving you won’t have as many “If only” times to list.


Count your blessings every day!  :o) Linda



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