Vote for Gratitude

Linda Soller | Nov 12, 2018

The morning was cool and rainy, yet I woke up energetic and ready to go. It was election day!  I was particularly excited this year to be able to vote. My initial plan was to get some exercise by walking to the polling location at the nearby elementary school. I glanced out the window and felt the chill in the air and decided to drive. I was dressed and out the door in record time. It was early, my plan was to beat the crowds. To my amazement I was able to park right out in front. I didn’t see any lines as I dashed in to avoid getting too wet. I gave my no thanks, to those offering to provide me with flyers. I kept thinking, how grand, there are so many volunteers. Once inside I made my way to check in, my photo ID ready. They must have been expecting a big turnout because there were plenty of check-in lines and voting locations. Hand marked ballots, isn’t it grand! I waved to a few neighbors, completed my ballot, thanked the volunteers as I passed. On my way out of the door a young woman handed me my “I Voted” sticker.  I told her I was looking forward to wearing it to work. She smiled. I smiled. We will share the results of today. As I left the parking lot I said, “Thank you Lord for this country and our right to vote.” 


I’m intentionally writing this before I hear any election results. This is not about being grateful for my candidates and favorite issues winning. This is about being grateful to be able to vote. Regardless of the results my voice has been heard. Regardless of how the people elected represent their constituents, they will know we voters turned out. I am grateful for the volunteers who make the process happen. I am grateful for the people who take the time to vote. I am even grateful for the candidates who choose to run for office. While I think some should have chosen a different career, I recognize that running for and holding office can be a thankless endeavor.


Today I vote for gratitude, how about you?


Count your blessings every day!  :o) Linda


Note: The next day on my news feed there was a picture of the capital in Washington on election day(by Thomson Reuters, LLC).  It was late in the day and there was a rainbow in the sky. Never forget His promise.



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