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Linda Soller | Nov 05, 2018

In our country we are familiar with disagreement and competition, but not accustomed to the level of hostile rhetoric and name calling our country is currently experiencing. Our comfort zone is based in leadership, be it political or religious leadership, reminding us that we can disagree without allowing it to elevate to hostility. What we are seeing are leaders who feel their elected positions allow them to be rude, to bully, to lie, and to threaten. Leaders of faith who fear losing congregants, so they neglect leading in peace and love. We must remember that the evil harsh words we hear are only powerful when they are repeated. You can make a difference.


You can vote. Whether you select the winning person or issue is not important. Voting is not only a privilege, it is a responsibility. Voting empowers you because it tells the world, that win or lose you will be heard, in a peaceful and respectful way.


You can show kindness and respect. The angry words of others do not define you or your feelings. There is no rule that says because you like one aspect of a leader that you must blindly follow them across lines of decency.


You can attend vigils and marches and celebrations. There is no law that says in doing so you must act violently or that you are a person who disrespects the rights of others.


You can go to church. Within God’s house you will be able to pray, seek guidance, and comfort with fellow believers. You will be able to strengthen your faith and show those around you that God is above the fray which can leave us feeling insecure and perhaps frightened.


You can make a difference. The question is – will you?


Count your blessings every day!  :o) Linda



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