Longing to Belong

Linda Soller | Sep 03, 2018

Some would have you believe that your faith and organized religion are not relevant in modern times. I personally think those individuals are not only wrong, but their views are doing fellow humans a great disservice. Routinely my work life, family life, and faith cross paths. In truth each area of my life is supported, intertwined, and connected to the other. Just the other day at work I read this quote: “We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.” - William Glasser, Psychologist 


Maybe it isn’t the list of things you would have selected, but I immediately noticed love and belonging. Those two needs act as one and are both fundamental to faith. The Bible teaches us to love one another, and to be a family of believers. Love and belonging help us to survive, to enjoy power of God’s grace, the freedom of His forgiveness, and the fun or joy of experiencing our faith with others. I’m not trying to make William Glasser’s quote more significant than it should be. I’m just pointing out that in the efforts to understand mankind’s fundamental needs, belonging makes the short list. 


We all long to belong to something or someone. If you aren’t feeling it now you have felt it at some time.  My guess is you still have that longing today. Indeed, longing to belong is so strong that those who feel it, but don’t think they have reached “belonging” are particularly vulnerable to people who would manipulate them. People will do terrible things just to feel they belong. I suggest that in this month of change and reconnecting you should give your faith a chance. Go to church, read your Bible, open your heart to God’s love, try finding your way with the support of those who embrace love over hate. Ask yourself, am I longing to belong? If the answer is yes, God has a place for you. 


Have a great week!  :o) Linda


Back to church Sunday is September 16th.  There is a place for you to belong.



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