In the habit of ...

Linda Soller | Aug 27, 2018

Think for a moment of your habits. Which are good ones? Which are not so good? Do you remember when they started or why? Have you ever tried to change any of them? Some of us have longer lists than others. So, tell me this. Why is it that good habits seem to be easier to break than bad habits?  If they are good shouldn’t we want them more and work harder to keep them? 


I know I should exercise, and it makes me feel better, yet it’s so easy to skip my morning walk. On the other hand, I know sitting in front of the T.V. isn’t great for me, yet there I sit, and sit, and sit. Does it help that most of my watching is PBS? I’m in the habit of making the beds in the morning. I was taught this habit as a child and to this day it addresses my need for order and calm.


I’m in the habit of going church. As a child I also went to church, but as a young adult it was a habit that slipped away. Much like my exercise, I knew it was good for me to worship with others, I felt better when I did it, yet the least little thing could interfere. Before I knew it, my habit was not going to church. As a parent I began the habit again, because I wanted my children to grow up going to church. Breaking the habit had not been intentional, but bringing it back was intentional.


It’s my habit to make a list of things to do. Maybe today I will list the things I’m in the habit of doing, good or bad, so I can make decisions. Maybe listing my habits will help me break the bad ones and stick with the good ones, and work in some I have been considering. How would you finish this statement? I am in the habit of ….   The decision is yours to make. 


Have a great week!  :o) Linda




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