Gotta Love Technology

Linda Soller | Aug 20, 2018

I am not the most technically savvy person. As it happens my job requires that I deal with technology all the time. Sometimes I get a little frustrated. Other times I am sure “the computer” has a mind of its own. Take today as an example.


I got an email confirmation of an appointment for a pedicure. Initially I had made one for me and one for my mom. The appointments were made with me standing at the desk as a young lady typed into “the computer.” Turned out it was not a good time for mom.  The next day I called and cancelled mom’s appointment. I called, thinking surely the human interaction would make everything okay. The young lady said not a problem, I still had my appointment and mom’s was canceled. Today, when I looked closer at the emailed confirmation I received it showed that I had an appointment with the person who had been scheduled to have my mom’s appointment. So again, I called. The young woman said, why yes Linda your mom’s appointment was cancelled a month ago. Oh good! I said, but “the computer” sent her appointment confirmation to me today? I always go to Christine, I added to be very clear. Hmm, she said, it appears “the computer” moved you to Tracy when it cancelled your mom’s appointment. Hmm, I responded, is Christine still available? The polite young lady said, why yes, she is! Mustering all the patience I had I said, could you be sure I have Christine for my appointment? Certainly, she said, I’ll just put it in “the computer.” 


My appointment is tomorrow first thing. I hope it is with Christine, at the time I scheduled, but I am not totally comfortable that will be the case. Every day the world changes, and some of us try hard to keep up. We use our cell phones, we send our emails, maybe we text, maybe we tweet. Actually, I don’t know how to tweet. And sometimes, we just want our nails done! Gotta love technology! 


Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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