Behind the Clouds

Linda Soller | Aug 06, 2018

Our traditional extended family beach vacation was in full swing. The house we have rented for 18+ years had undergone some cosmetic updates which met with our approval. The drive down had been uneventful for both cars of people. We’d settled in easily. It was all positive, except for the rain. Only one day was truly a “wash out”, but nearly every day offered rain at one time or another. The weather apps on our phones were getting lots of use. 


One morning, while sitting on the enclosed porch gazing out at the rough ocean I noticed a flicker of clear blue sky. It was there, for an instant, just above the dark gray band of clouds hovering overhead. Yes, I recognized sunshine immediately, just behind the clouds.  Why didn’t the clouds blow out to sea? Suddenly I realized I had to change my focus. Instead of dwelling on the clouds, which only frustrated me, I would concentrate on the sun shining faithfully behind them. 


We will all have gray days, full of dark clouds, and darker moods. What if we choose to focus on what we know is just behind the clouds? What if we focus on the positive things we cannot always see, but we know are there?  How would our lives be different if we gazed up and were immediately reminded of the warm beams of heaven’s light, just behind the clouds?


Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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