Kid Talk

Linda Soller | Jul 30, 2018

Pastor Sean was on the summer mission trip with the youth of our church. Different people were filling the gaps in the Sunday church service. I had agreed to provide the “Children’s Sermon”.  For some reason I get nervous about that commitment. I struggle with making what I say relatable for children, from toddler to school age, while having it be meaningful to the listening adults. Fortunately, the night before my four-year-old granddaughter asked to go to church with me. I happily agreed and offered to have her sit on the steps next to me as I gave the mini sermon. Her expression showed she was not as thrilled about the prospect as I had hoped.


When time came for my part in the service, I realized my Molly was the only child in the sanctuary who was the “right” age to come up front. She left her Great Grammy’s side and confidently joined me on the steps. I told her my kid talk was good for grown-ups too because we are all children of God. I never write what I’m going to say, but I will always remember how she smiled, nodded, and answered my questions as though we had rehearsed. I wanted her to understand that God wants to know when we are happy or sad, brave or scared, or even if we have some questions for Him. God is there ready to listen, even when we may feel unworthy or alone.  


Later, I joked with the Drop-In class that I couldn’t miss my moment in the spotlight so I supplied my own kid to be sure I got to offer the children’s sermon. Truth be told, no one would have been upset had we not had my mini sermon, but I wouldn’t have missed that particular kid talk for all the world.


Have a great week!  :o) Linda


P.S. Favorite Bible verses to help us remember to talk with God. Check out Jeremiah 29: 11-12



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