How Do You Listen?

Linda Soller | Jul 23, 2018

I was at work, reading a professional publication on being a better listener. I thought, it’s sad that we need to teach people how to listen. Sad, but maybe not surprising. Sometimes it feels like the world is roaring in our ears. Everyone yelling their point of view into the cosmos and no one seems to be listening. Perhaps that’s why some people feel the need to act out to be noticed. Like children do when they want their parents’ attention.


The article I was reading provided six rules to keep in mind which should make you a better listener. One was to avoid interrupting. Guilty as charged! I do it all the time. In my own way I felt it proved I was listening. Why I’m listening so well I can finish your thoughts! Truth is, it’s rude and disruptive. Note to self, let the person finish. More importantly, let them express their own thoughts.


The other rule which struck home was to put aside your bias toward the person speaking. You know what I mean. When you have already decided the person is wrong before they finish their statement, you tune them out. You may already be planning your rebuttal. Or, because the speaker isn’t exactly like you they can’t possibly understand the situation. The result is you don’t listen when they explain how they feel.


I don’t know why this article struck me so hard. I know I’m tired of the noise. Maybe, I saw in myself someone who forces others to shout because they can see I’m not really listening. I hate to think of myself as a contributor to the roar of the world, but maybe I am. Maybe I need to listen differently. How do you listen?


Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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