Linda Soller | Jun 11, 2018

Here is a question for you. What do iron, wood, and calla lilies have in common? Take a second, I can wait for your answer…… Yes! You are so smart. Each is considered and appropriate gift for someone’s sixth anniversary. Iron is the traditional gift, representing strength. Wood is the modern gift, representing something long lasting and solid. Calla lilies are the flowers, representing magnificent beauty. Who cares, you say. Well I do, because this blog is #312 and represents six years of continuous weekly Drop-In Online blogs. WOW! 


I confess, someone looked these gifts up and sent the list to me when they heard it was the blog’s6thanniversary. I was fascinated because the same three things are gifts we get from our Christian faith. Our faith, like iron, keeps us strong in times of trouble. Our faith, like wood, lasts through the years and stands solid in the face of challenges. Faith, like calla lilies is a thing of magnificent beauty. It’s this combination of strength, longevity, and beauty that keeps us connected to our faith. It’s God’s strength, enduring love, and beautiful nature that draws us closer to Him and helps us in times of need.


Anniversaries are regularly occurring events. So why should all of us involved in the writing and the reading of this blog be excited about year six? Some may say there’s no good reason, but I say there’s a very good reason. It shows we are striving to keep our faith strong, solid, and beautiful in our everyday lives, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Faith is not just for Sunday.


Thanks to Ellen and thanks to you, the reader! :o) Linda



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