Memory Lane

Linda Soller | May 28, 2018

Recently I had the pleasure of having dinner with a dear friend from high school. Our conversation was comfortable. As each of us took our personal journey down memory lane we caught the other one up on all they had missed. We had lost touch for a long time. Filling in the gaps was part of starting the path forward. As I drove home I thought to myself, there’s nothing quite like an old friend. It seemed a shame that we had missed out on sharing so many life changing experiences. Now we have a chance to reconnect.


Memorial Day is about memorializing those who have served our country over the years. There is also a wonderful tradition of visiting the cemetery and laying flowers on the graves of family members and friends, taking the time to specifically remember those people who contributed to who we are today. Walking down our memory lanes can ground us in the history and traditions that have served as our foundation.  Maybe we think, where would we be without their influence? Or perhaps we wonder,what they would think if they met us today? 


As you move through your week I encourage you to stop now and then and consider such things. Consider who you were and who you can be. Keep in mind that the road to your future starts at the end of your memory lane.


Happy Memorial Day/Week!  :o) Linda




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