Just the Truth

Linda Soller | May 21, 2018

My granddaughter and I were on our way to church. I must have said, “in general…” At which point the four-year-old asked, “What does general mean?”  It was surprisingly difficult to explain, yet I use it all the time. Words are funny that way. Take the word truth. How many times have you heard someone express an opinion, observation, or perception as though it was the truth? Not all opinions are based on facts. Our observations or perceptions may not be reflective of reality. To me truth is factual and is reality.


We talked about this topic in the Drop-In class and realized that most of us know what the truth is in any situation, yet we may elect to embellish it, or interpret it. We don’t like the truth all the time. Sometimes the truth makes life more challenging. Sometimes the truth goes against what we wished would be our reality. But when push comes to shove, the truth is just the truth.


We also discussed how we deliver the truth in conversation has a lot to do with how it’s received by those around us. We need to recognize the truth is not always welcome. Remember as children when our parents would tell us to eat healthy food, go to bed, be nice, and so on. We would bristle or even argue. Yet deep down we knew they were right. The truth was we needed to go to bed. We didn’t feel good when we ate too much junk food. We wanted to be nice.


Even as adults we often function like a child seeking the easy path. We believe what may be our version of the truth and it often complicates our lives. Truth does not really have versions. God, like our parents, instructs us, and show us the truth. We recognize the truth in His teachings. The truth is a foundation, it empowers, and it challenges us to rise from the fray. The lovely thing about the truth is it doesn’t try to be anything else, it’s just the truth. Simple as that.


Have a great week!  :o) Linda


“The truth shall set you free.” John 8:32 in the Bible



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