Your legacy will be...

Linda Soller | May 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered what your legacy will be? How will you be remembered? It can be a humbling thought process as you consider what others will say one day about your life. Harriett had a sweet smile and unassuming manner. Get her talking and she was knowledgeable and funny. What we all seem to remember about Harriett is that she was caring, welcoming, and giving. It felt like she was constantly dealing with health issues, but it’s hard to be sure, because when you asked about her health you realized she had changed the topic to you. Her natural sincere caring ways made Harriett impactful to the lives of those who knew her.


Elma passed at age 93. She had been born and raised, and then grew old in the same small town. She was a classy lady to the end. It was clear at her funeral that her love for her community had made a difference.  She worked in her church, her clubs, and her town to preserve connections with history and people.  Elma took things seriously, had a sense of humor, spoke her mind, and mastered the wave of a Queen. Someone said it’s hard to think of our town without Elma.


These ladies were very different and much the same. They shared a love of life and others. Both found joy in giving of themselves. Jesus left us with a legacy of love, trust, forgiveness, kindness, caring, and hope.  You may not know what your legacy will be, but I’m pretty sure God does. Maybe you should talk with Him.


Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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