Linda Soller | Apr 23, 2018

I confess I’m that person who goes to a business conference to attend the sessions and gain a sense of renewal. I’m not big on the social events or networking. Even as I draw closer, hopefully, to retirement I want to experience renewal. I need to re-awaken the interest I have in the career I chose years ago. Opportunities for renewal come in all shapes and sizes. Renewal is not just related to careers. Truth is, as I face scaling back and downsizing I seem to see renewal around every corner.


Just the other day, having run out of excuses, I began cleaning my house. When I got to the bedroom with my dust cloth and vacuum at the ready I paused and thought the real shame is that once I clean I will put the clutter right back. I cleared my dresser top, dusted, and decided to thin my collection of accessories. There was a stack of family items I put in a bag for my children to consider. There was a stack of items in good repair which I simply never use put in a bag to donate. And yes, there were broken/torn bits and pieces that went to the trash. From the dresser top I dove into the top drawer and continued my clearing. The next morning, I reviewed the paired down array of costume jewelry spotting earrings I have always loved, but hadn’t worn in a long while. They had been hidden in the clutter. To look at the empty space on the dresser and inside the drawer was calming and energizing at the same time. I had not spent a dime, but found a renewed interest in the items which had lain hidden for so long. 


Our faith may need renewal from time to time. We may find it beneficial to re-read a favorite book in the Bible, or try a new Sunday School class, or maybe just return to church. I’m a firm believer that once you have found faith you never really lose it. You may fight it, you may ignore it, you may be disappointed in it, but it’s still there. Like seeds in the thawing ground of spring, our faith is always ready for renewal.


Have a great week!  :o) Linda




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