The Spring Thing

Linda Soller | Apr 09, 2018

The calendar reads April and the season officially changed to Spring back in March. I have flowers blooming and trees budding in my yard, and still this spring thing doesn’t feel right. I check the weather on my phone and see little snowflakes. They haven’t amounted to much, but they are there threatening! I heard someone in the lunchroom saying they fully expected it to skip spring and go to miserably hot summer days. Now that’s just crazy talk!


Easter marks a beginning and for me the biggest problem is my expectation of spring weather following in close pursuit. I don’t think it’s written anywhere that the two must go hand in hand, but in my mind, they do. There are pictures of me many years ago in an Easter dress, hat, shiny patent leather shoes, with just a little sweater. Isn’t that proof that Easter and spring are a pair?  Surely, I was not sent out into the cold dressed that way!


I want Easter to bring everything new including the season. I want the re-awakening of my faith, that annual ah ha moment I get when I see the cross, to be wrapped in the warm sunshine of spring. I feel a need to thaw my complacency like the sun thaws the frozen ground. Mostly I want to blossom in this feeling, and not fall back into the chill of winter. I am afraid if I don’t feel the warmth and smell the damp air of spring I will somehow slide back to my cocoon where I can pretend nothing happened. Where I pull the blankets over my head as though I can hide.


But something did happen, and we have come to the other side of another Easter season to face the future. The weather may vary from year to year, but our opportunities bloom regardless. You see, it’s the spring thing, all warm and fresh and calling each of us to live our faith anew.


Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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