What's Next?

Linda Soller | Apr 02, 2018

As we move through the season of Lent we are bombarded with waves of emotions, feelings of anticipation, moments of introspection, and glimpses of joy. Lent and the week between Palm Sunday and Easter can be draining. We Christians come face to face with the sacrifice God made for us, with the horrific treatment of Jesus, with the overwhelming elation of His resurrection. If that was all we had to deal with it might seem more manageable. But we still must deal with the ebbs and flow of daily life. Unfortunately, daily life is also filled with drama, violence, and people acting badly.  The combination can leave us feeling battered. We may even ask, what’s next?


The choir was discussing the early service for Easter. We had to laugh. Even when the day of Easter promised sunshine and warmth, the early hours always seemed to bring a cutting chill. The choir had modified their dress over the years to allow for the chill. We wore our winter coats and warms clothes under our choir robes. Many of us ended up looking like tackles on an NFL team, with shoulders bulging. After the early service we would dash in to the church, change our outfits, and emerge ready for what’s next on the morning’s agenda.


Even if your Easter celebration is pretty much limited to Easter day, you may still find yourself with questions in need of answers. Easter is truly what our faith is all about, the resurrection that saves us, the unifying belief that Jesus died and rose again for us, and the peaks and valleys of emotion that charge our spirits. At the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of Lent we may find ourselves looking to the heavens and asking what’s next?  Only God can truly answer that.


Are you listening for the answer?


Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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