Linda Soller | Feb 19, 2018

February reminds me of the love of good friends. As kids, most of the valentines we sent were to friends. They were likely funny or related to our favorite cartoons or TV/Movie characters. Unicorns are big right now, if you want to wish someone a magical Valentine’s Day. As we grew older most of us stopped sending the friend cards. I think that’s sad. Maybe some of us have just finished sending our Christmas cards, so it could be we feel all “carded” out.  But, isn’t it sad that we don’t take advantage of a holiday that allows us to tell our friends how much we value their friendship.


In the Drop-In class we studied the friendship of Jonathan and David (in the Bible – 1 Samuel, Chapters 18-20). Their relationship was complicated by the other people in their lives, as often happens with friends. Their devotion to each other didn’t relieve them of having to make difficult decisions. Another dilemma common to friendships. Friendships are not always easy, but certainly worth cultivating.


Our YYS (Yarn Yarn Sisterhood) knitting group hosted a “For the Love of Yarn” knit-in the weekend before Valentine’s Day. We had such fun with our friends, and made new friends with people who share a common interest, knitting and crocheting! Friendship can spring up from many places, we must be alert so we don’t miss the opportunity to develop a new friendship. That same Saturday I visited, in person and via texts, with two dear friends from high school. That makes us long-time friends, trust me. It was so natural to talk with each, and the connection was wonderfully familiar. We don’t see each other all the time, but when we do, it’s comfortable and supportive.


Friendship is a gift. God gives us friends to share our sadness and joy. He puts people in our path to travel along with us. He puts us in the paths of others to do the same for them. Really, there is just nothing quite like the love of a good friend. Make February your friendship month.


Have a great week!  :o) Linda


Dedicated to a good friend, Libby Coleman, who passed on February 12, 2018.   You are greatly missed.



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