Forget About It

Linda Soller | Sep 25, 2017

One thing we humans are really good at is forgetting. We forget to say thank you, to hold doors, to follow our diets, to do our exercise, to pay our bills, and many other things. I think it is safe to say we are masters of forgetting. Sometimes our forgetfulness is accidental and other times it may be somewhat intentional. How about that time you were invited to a gathering and asked to reply to the host? You had mixed emotions about attending and you “forgot” to respond on time. Once the deadline passed you thought it was pointless to respond. Did you also forget to go back and tell the host how sorry you were that you didn’t respond?  

The weather hasn’t been easy lately. Some of us were talking about just how many people we knew in Florida who were dealing with the destruction of Hurricane Irma. The same is true of Texas, the Islands, the dry western states where fires rage, and countries around the world. Knowing there is a disaster temporarily jogs our memory. At first, we think and talk of nothing else, but all too quickly we move on to the next hot topic. What we forget is that those initial days during and after the disaster are only a small piece of the picture. The recovery is the big piece. What about that donation you were planning to make to help those recovering from disasters?  You aren’t the only person who has pushed something off only to forget to do it at all.

Disasters are nothing new. I wish I could say they will not be in our future, but I can’t. What I can do is remind you not to forget. Don’t forget to send support, to pray for those going through the turmoil, and to reach out to those you know. But whatever you do, just don’t forget about it.

Now is the time for action. You can help. Linda



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