When to Begin

Linda Soller | Sep 11, 2017

My philosophy on dieting has always been to start a diet when I see a negative change in my weight. For me a negative change usually means an increase in pounds. Strange the way that works. The challenge is when to begin my diet. How do I decide when the trend I am observing on the scale is not going to change and needs to be addressed? Acting sooner rather than later has always served me well.

At work, I deal with keeping our company compliant with endless regulations. Each state and locality seems to be competing for regulatory dominance. For a company with people scattered all around it is hard to balance all the rules and track all the details. A big issue for us is when to begin the process of changing our internal procedures. Planning ahead and acting sooner rather than later has helped us avoid errors so common to last minute change.

When we consider our faith many of us admit to ebbs and flows in our church attendance, our Bible reading, our praying, and so on. We know what we should do. We know what we want to do. But we struggle with when to begin. If physically showing up at church was the only issue it might not seem like such a big decision. Unfortunately, we worry that we won’t know people or if we do know people they will judge us for…something. I’m not sure what we think other people will be saying, but I know we humans worry about what others think. Well let me just say to you, you are not the only person who has gotten out of the routine of going to church, or who doesn’t read their Bible regularly, or who forgets to pray at times. Most of us have at one time or another. True, you may get to church and not know many people. You may not know anyone. It can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. On any given Sunday, there is at least one other person at the church you select who doesn’t really know anyone. They will get to know people in time, and so will you. That brings us back to the basic question. When to begin?

Back to Church Sunday – September 17, 2017 at a church near you.  And now you know when to begin!

See you in church? Have a great week! :o)    Linda



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