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A critter on the road

Linda Soller | Jul 17, 2017

It was July 3rd and apparently, I was the only person who had to go to work! The drive in was wonderfully free of traffic. I find these quiet times are often filled with life lessons. As I headed up one of several low speed limit streets on my commute, I spotted a critter cautiously walking on to the road ahead. It wasn’t in a hurry as I slowly approached. By the time I was close enough to accurately identify it, the fox was more than mid-way across the street. When I was within twenty feet of it, the fox suddenly opted to turn and run back in the direction it had come from. This decision took it back across my path. No, I didn’t hit it. I watched it scurry off across a yard.

Have you ever found your life slowly moving in one direction, only to suddenly realize you wanted to go back? Did you scurry back to your comfort zone, even if getting back was riskier than going forward? Life offers us options. Faith offers us answers. To paraphrase the Bible verse Philippians 4:6, don’t be anxious about anything, but take everything to God. Sometimes it is hard to make decisions, especially ones which can change our lives. Sometimes it’s even harder to let go and let God lead us. I’m pretty sure God would have told that fox to keep moving forward, it would be safer, but a fox doesn’t always listen. He trusted his animal instincts and ran for home. And I thought a fox was supposed to be so crafty and smart. Good thing for him God was telling me to go slow and avoid hitting the fox! Good thing God is always watching.

Have a great week!    :o)  Linda

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