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Problem Solved

Linda Soller | Jul 10, 2017

How many times have you wished you could hear someone say, “Problem solved”? So often even our routine activities place demands on us that result in stress and anxiety. Now and then it would be lovely to hear a voice telling you the problem is solved. Ahhh! You can breathe again.

Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” I read this quote recently on the top of my ice tea bottle and it struck me as so simple and so profound. Then again, he was a pretty smart guy. Unfortunately, the quote doesn’t tell us how to change our “kind of thinking”. 

So where to begin? The most common approach is to ask others or maybe do some research. I recently read about the dangers of putting trust in the opinions of others as though they are authorities, when in reality they are not. We have a joke in our family about how my father could say something with such confidence that we kids always believed he knew the answer. Most of the time he did, but some of the time it was just his best guess. So maybe “others’ opinions” is not the answer. Many of us read the papers or watch the news on T.V. for our facts. Well, I don’t have enough room to go into that topic. So where do we begin?

May I suggest we begin by seeking the answers we need from God? Maybe it is time we stopped the kind of thinking that says man has all the answers and start listening to God. Maybe it is time we stopped the kind of thinking that drives all the talking and started listening. The solution may be so simple and yet so profound. Problem solved!

Make a difference this week!    :o)  Linda