First Baptist Church of Herndon

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Linda Soller | Jun 26, 2017

Every day we are bombarded with noise. Alarms wake us. Horns blasts us about our driving. Sirens alert us to get out of the way. Television commercials get louder and make us grab the remote. Music trumpets from passing cars with windows down. Some days I just want to yell QUIET!!!

At the end of my yoga class my teacher reads a quote or a poem. Last week she read a quote, and I apologize because I don’t remember who she said she was quoting, but it said “silence is the food of the soul”.  When I went on my retreat, someone asked what I was going to do during our break. I replied that I intended to sit, knit, soak up the scenery, and bask in the silence. Our bodies and minds need quiet and calm to restore. Our souls need peace.

Our faith also needs quiet. I have a visual of God yelling at me over the roar of life trying to get my attention. Has he ever had to yell at you? I think Psalm 46:10 in the Bible says it best, “Be still and know that I am God;” It’s a wonderful restorative verse. We are told quite simply to be still, be quiet, and let God speak to us. What better way to have a conversation with God, than thru prayer? Remember a conversation involves two-way communication. The next time you are saying your prayers don’t forget to include the most important part, the silence.

Make this a great week!    :o)  Linda