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Bucket List

Linda Soller | Jun 19, 2017

I’d never heard the expression “my bucket list” until the 2007 film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I haven’t seen the movie, yet I understand the meaning. To be clear, my bucket list is the list of things I would like to do or experience before I “kick the bucket!”

Attending a yoga retreat has always been on my list. You guessed it, I recently went on a weekend long yoga retreat in the beautiful rolling hills of Virginia. It was everything I had hoped for. Relaxing, challenging, educational, fun, hard work, well, you get the picture. There were eight plus hours of yoga between Friday night and mid-day Sunday. That was a lot for me.  I came home a touch sore, rather tired, very well fed, and energized by having met the challenge. Oh, did I say I went on my own? When none of my “go to people” were available, I thought to myself, “You can do this on your own.” I did!  

My bucket list serves as a humorous reminder that there are things I want to do before I’m gone.  It’s also a serious reminder that my time here is limited. The catch is I don’t know how much time there will be, unlike the men in the movie. We can sit around worrying about how much time we have, or we can spend as much of our time as possible living life to the fullest. I suspect my list will change as I go along. If I’m honest with myself there may be some things on the list I know I’ll never get to, but I think I’ll put them there just the same. I want to be sure to include the things God calls me to do. If something makes your bucket list it must be important to you. If something makes God’s bucket list for you it must be important to Him.

Make this a great week!    :o)  Linda

P.S. I want to thank the 14 ladies at the HAYC yoga retreat. It was such a pleasure to share the experience with you. A special thanks to the people at the Carter Hall Conference Center and Project Hope for all you do to make the world a better place.