What's Your Recipe?

Linda Soller | May 15, 2017

If you like to bake or cook, chances are you have modified or created a recipe along the way. A dash of this, a touch of that, and there you go, a creation all your own. This month in Drop-In we are discussing the topic of Making One Good Christian - A Mother Approved Recipe. Sound silly? Well if you approach faith like you approach the creation of a recipe it may not be so silly. You decide what you want to make, one good Christian. Next you research to see what has or hasn’t worked in the past, by reading your Bible and attending church. You write down or recount your steps as you experiment so you can remember what you did. Maybe you do this through prayer or in a journal. You go through the steps, over and over.

Do you think you have a recipe for becoming a good/better Christian? You may start with an idea of what a Christian should look like or be like. You may even have researched or gained knowledge over the years as to the ingredients. Belief, love, caring, trust, obedience, hope, are a few of the key ingredients. However, like a recipe, the ratios of those ingredients can make all the difference. During your development and experimenting phase you will need patience. There will be times when you fail, or make mistakes. In the end, the process will produce a result. Will it be the result you expected?

I wish I could tell you that everyone who starts out working on their personal recipe to find faith and to be a good Christian succeeds. In reality, many of us start the process over and over again. Some of us think we have success only to find we lack a key ingredient. Like any successful chef we need to stay focused. We can’t give up on ourselves, God doesn’t. We must rely on those around us who are contributors to our process. We won’t reach perfection, but we may find we can reach improvement. Every day the world is your kitchen. What’s your recipe?

Make this a great week!    :o)  Linda



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