Attitude Adjustment

Linda Soller | Jan 09, 2017

I was looking forward to the day, a day with my youngest granddaughter. But when I woke it was really dark out, and the rain from the previous night continued with even more force. I could feel myself slipping in to a place of gloom. The traffic was crazy, like people had never driven in heavy rain! I was going to be later than I’d hoped. Even the music on the classical station I loved to listen to was sad and harsh. Sitting at a standstill on the highway I prayed, “Lord I need an attitude adjustment, please show me the way.”

How often do we wish we could pray and have an illuminating experience, like the stories in the Bible? The reality is we often miss those illuminations because they don’t seem big or bright enough at the moment. Why is it we feel the need to see God work in grand fashion? How often do we dismiss his hand in our everyday lives because of our expectations?

I sat and watched the rain, impressed by its power. Then I thought this music isn’t helping, turned the station to something more lively, and hit upon Whitney Houston singing A Hero. You know the words. “Then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on….” I took a deep breath and started to sing. I sing along a lot. Next came a song you could dance to and as I looked around others were obviously “grooving” to their own music. I chuckled to myself. The light turned green, the traffic freed up a bit, and I was on my way again. A whole day with the little one, what a blessing.

At the next traffic light, I said, “Thank you Lord.” I had gotten my attitude adjustment. He had shown me that it was as easy to let little things around me lift me up as it was to let them bring me down. The choice was mine. The choice is yours.

Have a great week!     : o)  Linda 



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