So What's New with You?

Linda Soller | Jan 02, 2017

Happy New Year! So what’s new with you?

What do you mean, what do I mean? It’s a fairly simple question.

Oh, maybe that’s the problem!

When someone asks what’s new, the most common answer is, not much. Often we aren’t clear on what they want us to say. Do they want to know if we own something new, or have a new job, or have a new pastime, or what? It’s also tough to answer because even with a new year beginning, most of us simply slip back into our last year routine. Maybe you don’t feel like there is anything new to talk about.

Day in and day out we keep moving, some in a positive direction, some in a backward slide. Some of us feel like we are peddling as fast as we can, but here we are in the same place. If you are happy and living the dream, then status quo may be just what you are looking for. Most of us, even when things seem okay, want more. Or maybe we just want different. We humans are a funny bunch when it comes to happiness. It always seems just out of reach. And this feeling of wanting more can easily make our “normal” life seem unacceptable.

It’s time to start a fresh year. In doing so we have many opportunities to make adjustments. Adjustments don’t have to change the world. But adjustments can make things feel new. Maybe you change the path of your exercise walk to include a new street. A change of scenery can change your perspective. Maybe you take up a new hobby, or any hobby, so you feel productive in a new way. Feeling productive can help you feel like a contributor to the world, and that feels good. Maybe it is as simple as changing the time of your daily devotional, or starting a daily devotional. Changing how or when we practice our faith helps bring it back in the forefront of our lives. These adjustments are simple and may not result in world peace. But the impact simple changes can have on you can make you a different person. As a different person your impact will be different. When your impact on the people around you is different, a whole world of possibilities may open up.

So as we begin 2017 I would just like to ask, “What’s new with you?”

Have a great week!     : o)  Linda 



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