With Intention

Linda Soller | May 09, 2016

Whining to my doctor I said, “It seems, just when I was really in a walking routine, going further, and faster each week, I started having these aches and pains. Now I hesitate to go out on my morning walk.”  Her reply was to walk with intention. I gave it some thought, then asked her to explain. She told me it was simple really. She said, “Focus, keep your head up, walk at a normal pace, breath, hold your stomach muscles firm, let your arms swing only as much as they want to, walk for as long as you have time to walk, if it starts to hurt, stop, and when you have used your allotted time know you will have another chance the next day.” Again I sat and pondered her words. Questions came to my mind. What about my 10,000 steps for the day? What about my sense of pride as the joggers go by and I am walking slower? How will I ever improve my health if I don’t strain or push myself to exhaustion? I think she could see I was not convinced. She added, “A few steps done properly, with intention, will get you where you are going. You may not get there as fast, but chances are you still be able to walk another day.”  

The next morning, I left my house with renewed enthusiasm. I walked a bit slower and therefore didn’t go as far because my allotted time was the same. When the joggers went by I smiled, my head was up, and to my surprise they didn’t seem to notice my slower pace. I held my stomach muscles firmly, and when I forgot momentarily I did it again, and again, and well, I haven’t mastered the firm stomach yet. When I got home I actually felt like I had gotten in a good walk. More importantly, I was already thinking ahead to the next day.

Often in life we throw ourselves into projects, activities, jobs, relationships, and our faith like our very existence depended on us being immediately better, faster, stronger, more successful than anyone else. If I am honest, I have done that more times than I care to admit. Years later so much has fallen by the wayside because I couldn’t stay the course. The aches and pains of my endeavors overshadowed my determination to take on the challenge. Faith is a great walk to be savored and appreciated. Faith brings opportunities deserving a pause and our full attention. And when we momentarily forget ourselves we ask for forgiveness, and we do that again and again, because we will probably never reach perfection. Faith is a walk with intention, done well, with focus, head held high, at your own pace, it leaves you ready to face the next day.

Have a great week!    :o)  Linda



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