Something isn't right!

Linda Soller | May 02, 2016

I decided to wear my “walking” tennis shoes home instead of packing them. I dressed in a hurry, and I soon as I put them on I thought, something isn’t right. I proceeded through the day, never so uncomfortable that I checked on my shoes, but they just didn’t feel normal. After a full day I arrived at home anxious to remove the tennis shoes for a pair of flip flops. When I sat down to remove my shoes I spotted the problem immediately. It wasn’t my shoes that were the problem, I simply had my socks on the wrong feet. You heard me, my socks were on the wrong feet. My sport socks have an “R” on the right foot and an “L” on the left because they are woven to provide arch support.  I never gave it much thought before, but on this day I had dressed in the dark of early morning and mixed them up. Sure enough it made a difference.

So often we are not paying attention and then one day something happens and we suddenly think, “Something isn’t right.”  I wish I could say the solution is always as easy as putting your socks on the right feet, because as you know, most of the time it doesn’t matter which foot the sock is on. Yet the solution can often be illusive. You see a person begging on the street and think this person doesn’t look like someone who would be homeless. What does someone who is homeless look like?  Something isn’t right. You see a child looking frail and thin and hungry, and yet they live in the richest country in the world. Something isn’t right. You hear the news of neighborhoods erupting in violence after the death of another young person. You say how did this get so out of hand? Something isn’t right.

Every day when we wake up we are being given another chance to impact the world. Our impact moments may seem small, but they can still make a difference, like my socks. The next time you think something isn’t right, I encourage you to stop and ask yourself what you might be able to do to make it right.

Have a great week!    :o)  Linda



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