It's only natural - Help!

Linda Soller | Aug 04, 2014

The majority of us like to think we have “it” all under control, and can juggle all the demands in our lives. It’s only natural to feel that way because we humans are survivors. As children we are told, now don’t cry, or that didn’t really hurt. As we get older we’re constantly challenged to learn more, get better at whatever it is we do, and when we fail we must get back up and start again. I think we give failure a bad rap, but that is a topic for another time. Our society is very success oriented. By the time we are adults it has been pounded in to our heads that anything less than our best or success is just not good enough, and asking for help is a sign of weakness. So our natural instincts to learn, grow, and survive have somehow morphed from a normal part of life to anxiety buttons that get pushed almost daily. To appear strong we often avoid getting the help we need to really succeed.

Prime examples of this disconnect are all the diet fads that have come and gone over the years. Instead of admitting that we have issues with our food exercise ratio we look for a quick fix. Naturally, we hope we can find a fix for the problem without having to make a lifestyle or attitude change. I speak from experience. Just the other day I saw a young lady on the news who admitted that she used all of her “steps” to justify all the eating she wanted to do. The end result was that she was walking like crazy and still gaining weight. She is going to work with a nutritionist, and admits she needs help. Her step counting gadget is just a piece of her puzzle. A five foot tall, 100 pound young woman was the first female to successfully complete one of the city courses for American Ninja Warrior. Pause here and read her height and weight again, I will wait… I know, it is amazing to think this small person can accomplish such a goal, when many who are much larger, and who are perceived to be in better “shape” failed to complete the course. It’s not magic, and it didn’t happen overnight. She had lots of support. Over time it was only natural for her to listen to her coaches, and get help building her skills so she could reach her goal. Her accomplishment was not diminished by the help she had received through the years.

Faith is another area where we can be reluctant to seek help. It may seem natural to think, if we try to be good people, then we have done enough. Just getting by seems to work in other areas. But faith, like so much else in life, is a work in progress. No matter how strong your faith is today, something could happen tomorrow that will challenge it. God knows this, and it’s why He has provided so many support mechanisms to help us on our journey. I have heard it said, “I don’t need to go to church to believe in God, or to be a good person.” That is a true statement, but an incomplete statement. Church is there to help you, and support you. It’s not the destination in your journey, but it may be the team that helps you reach your goal. How about the statement, “I don’t need to pray to know what to do.” To me that is like saying I don’t need to talk to or listen to my coach.  The coach is there to guide you, why wouldn’t you want to listen? Some say, “I don’t need to read the Bible to believe in God, or to be a good person.” Again that may be true, but without the support of the Bible telling us of the successes and failures that went before, how do we know when we are on the right path? I have heard people say, “I stopped going to church because it was full of hypocrites.” While I think that is an exaggeration, I can’t deny that there are hypocrites in churches. But isn’t that like saying I stopped going to the gym because there were unfit people working out there? I mean really, aren’t all these statements excuses for not wanting to find that balance between having faith and living faithfully? Living faithfully takes effort?

Finding excuses, looking for tricks, and cutting corners may be the modern norm, but there is usually a price to pay. It’s only natural to want to reach your life goals, and it is only natural to need help!  

Have a great week!  :o)    Linda 



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