The Courage Faith Connection

Linda Soller | Jul 28, 2014

I stood glued to the T.V. screen as a fifteen year old girl spoke to the crowd. Just days out of a horrifying event that took the lives of her four siblings and her parents, she spoke calmly, dabbing at her tears, telling the crowd that she could and would move forward. She stated clearly that her family was in a better place and she knew she would see them again one day. This young woman, a child really, had remained strong and quiet after being shot by her uncle. Once he had left the house she alerted authorities as to his intentions. Her grandfather, who stood behind her before the crowd, stated earlier that she had saved the lives of as many as twenty other family members. Did you catch the fact that she is fifteen? Most of us can’t imagine experiencing such a horror, not to mention having the presence of mind to “play dead” so we might live to save others. Her decisions took courage that was based on faith. She had faith that the bullet only grazed her head because God had a plan for her. I know I can’t imagine what it must have felt like when she finally moved and saw her family members. It took courage to be strong and call the authorities, when most of us would have given in to our loss and grief. I believe she found the courage to act then, and again later when she faced that crowd because she knew God had used her to save others. I think she knew he would be there to support her as she spoke. It is a tragic story of loss and a wonderful story of courage through faith.

My friend was off to see a family member when she got the call that there had been a fire at her house. Fortunately her husband who has mobility issues, and her beloved pets were safe. It appears that a young woman who was passing by saw the smoke. Inside the house her husband, who was attempting to escape after seeing smoke in the hall, had fallen and was struggling to reach the front door. The passerby went in the house and pulled him out, then went in a second time to retrieve a reluctant pet. When I spoke to my friend about a week later during our knitting group (Yarn Yarn Sisterhood) she said she was still trying to find out who the person was that had saved her husband and dogs. We discussed the courage it took to enter a burning house, not to mention when you didn’t know the family or what to expect once inside. We all agreed that God was watching over this young woman and my friend’s husband. Someone, maybe me, said that it could have been so much worse. Courage through faith was displayed again in my friend’s response. She said, “I can’t think about what might have been, it’s too upsetting, I can only think that God saved us so we could move forward.” She spoke of a few things she had lost in the fire, and a few things that amazingly survived. Mostly we spoke of the good that comes out of adversity. They will be able to rebuild, and this time the house will be designed to accommodate her husband’s physical challenges. A gentleman who has helped her with her yard for years so he could send money home, immediately wired his sister and had money sent back to him so he could offer it to my friend. Funds he doesn’t have to spare, coming from a grateful heart, were being offered to a friend in need. My friend was smiling, laughing, and looking forward, with courage to tackle the obstacles that lie ahead. She spoke of the blessings she has in this dark time.

Most of us will not have stories in our lives that are as serious or impactful as the two here. We can be grateful for that. All of us will face trials and tribulations along the road we refer to as life. When obstacles come up in your road will you have the courage through faith to respond? I think you will, in fact, that is my prayer for you.

Have a great week!  :o)    Linda 



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