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Has it really been a year?

Linda Soller | Jun 24, 2013

This is blog #53, and so we begin year two of “Drop-In Online.”  It would seem appropriate to write a retrospective blog, rehashing the topics, maybe listing my favorites. I’m pretty sure that is what most people expect. I’m not so big on the retrospective approach. I much prefer to look forward.

The other day a friend was looking up my name on Google. It’s not important why. There, much to my surprise, was listed the latest blog title. I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me that it would be there. Suddenly I made the connection to the possibilities of our little blog. I only write once a week and we all know there are tons of daily blogs, but there it was. Our original intent of simply sharing online some of the sentiments and topics we discuss in our class seemed to take on a whole new personality. I had thought that people coming to the FBC website might happen to see it, and my friends, family, and the Do-Drops would read it as a gesture of support. It didn’t really occur to me that just anybody might come upon it. In fact I have to admit I don’t even know how many followers are out there. Does that seem crazy? We only wanted to reach out, not meet a quota.

Seeing the blog listed on Google has given me a new perspective. It was sort of refreshing if you know what I mean. I could see potential for our little blog. Don’t get too excited; seeing potential does not suddenly improve my writing. It does, however, make me feel humble and hopeful. I start to think that maybe someone will come across it who doesn’t or who can’t go to church regularly, and it will offer them something to ponder or a lesson to use in life or a smile. Maybe it will start a conversation somewhere, so people start talking about their faith. Maybe it will connect what goes on inside the church to a life outside of the church when the connection had not been clear before. Wow, this could actually benefit someone somewhere, somehow.

As we start a new year together I hope you will stay with me on this journey. Maybe you will bring along a friend. I hope you will find laughter and support and comfort. The future of this blog is you. You read it and therefore I keep writing. I don’t have to know that there are many of you, maybe there will only be a few, but I will keep writing if I can, so I can be there for you. It is not my place to judge how God may or may not use this blog, it is my place to do what I think he is asking me to do and leave the rest to him. I am happy if just one person finds their faith through all these blogs and those yet to come. If I say one thing or include one reference that makes a difference in a life then I am satisfied. If I can bring a smile to your sometimes grumpy face then it is a good day. You drop in online, and so congrats to you for a year that marks a beginning. You are an original, and special, and if you hang in there we will get through the coming year together.

Have a great week :o) Linda